All social enterprises need funds to grow and increase their impact. Many articles, books, talks, and even entire courses are dedicated to where to find funds, what type of funds to pursue, and how to best pitch your enterprise. The belief is that pursuing any funding is good and getting as much funding as possible will help you to scale even faster. Contrary to that belief, there are many cases where one should not pursue funding. Drawing upon our work with over 100 social enterprises, both for-profit and non-profit, and our years fundraising for our own social enterprises including taking grants, impact equity investments, impact debt, and traditional debt we’ve learned that sometimes the best course is declining funding opportunities. To help social entrepreneurs save significant amounts of time and effort and understand when to make this counter-intuitive decision, we developed our rapid, pragmatic, Dynamic Funding Opportunity Assessment™ (DFOA™). Our paper explains DFOA and enables impact leaders to increase their organization’s overall effectiveness and ultimately impact. Click the icon at right to see the paper.