What We Do

We leverage our successful experience as global entrepreneurs who have built businesses from scratch and have on the ground experience in managing operations in more than 15 developed and emerging markets. Our extensive network of associates across the world further extends our reach to best assist you in maximizing your impact. Whether you are a founder, investor, acquirer or operator, we can support your enterprise at every step in the process from idea to impact.

Our areas of expertise include the following areas:

  • Public-private partnerships (PPP)
  • Business model development and evaluation
  • Scaling and growth strategies
  • Processes and systems planning
  • Healthcare technologies (mobile health, digital health, wearables and connected devices)

5 Steps To Scale Up


When you only have an initial fragment of an idea, we can assist with:

  • Formulating an initial business model
  • Screening initial concept candidates to narrow the field
  • Developing an opportunity map based on our insights and research
  • Analyzing market opportunities and entry strategies


As you evaluate an opportunity, we can help to:

  • Refine your business model to focus on long-term growth and sustainability
  • Review your business plan from the perspective of both operators and investors
  • Research your opportunity’s feasibility
  • Analyze the scope and scale of your opportunity in target markets
  • Map the competitive landscape and customers
  • Evaluate the likely risks of various paths forward
  • Support your due diligence efforts with local market expertise and partners
  • Assess the positions of all stakeholders
  • Appraise digital and mobile technologies


Once you are ready to commit, we can support:

  • Crafting a framework of quality – clinical and non-clinical
  • Shaping your marketing / PR strategy and plan
  • Building a high-performance culture – using Balanced Scorecards
  • Creating a robust governance structure for scale – boards, mentors, and advisors
  • Design and roll-out of healthcare programs in emerging markets
  • Developing monitoring and evaluations systems
  • Forming an organizational talent strategy
  • Activating local networks


After launching, we can help to address specific challenges by:

  • Supporting CxO level executives
  • Tracking and improving customer service – using Net Promoter Scores
  • Building an operating review mechanism and management dashboards
  • Crafting approaches to acquire and retain customers
  • Assisting with marketing strategy and execution
  • Developing human capital policies, procedures, programs and ensuring alignment with organizational culture
  • Evaluating and recommending technology solutions and policies
  • Assessing government policy and program impacts, constraints and opportunities
  • Appraising partnership opportunities in both the public and private sectors


Then when you are ready to grow, you can leverage us to:

  • Provide strategic inputs on new businesses, new geographies or new sub-segments of the business
  • Develop and plan the growth approach
  • Prioritize action steps
  • Coach you regarding your relationships with funders and investors
  • Source technology tools and infrastructure for scaling
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